Lana Del Rey - Yosemite (Official Audio)

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Lana Del Rey - Yosemite (Official Audio)

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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Yosemite (Audio). © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited




  • This song takes me by the hand and leads me on a tour to infinity with my eyes closed

    Lucas Fiss PaapLucas Fiss Paap23 часа назад
  • I get this extremely nostalgic feeling when listening to the guitar, does anyone feel the same? I am trying to figure out where I've heard this tune before but I just can't place my finger on it.

    Nadine ShaltootNadine ShaltootДень назад
  • 9/10

    Lockdown SucksLockdown Sucks5 дней назад
  • She made us wait for this song from LFL to COTCC and it was worth the wait

    Surner SinghSurner Singh5 дней назад
  • Thank go’s she got rid of Jack Antifa Antoff his production is just not it for her. Her new album coming out in July is what I expected after NFR

    ThatJewishKid11ThatJewishKid115 дней назад
  • I’m telling my kids this song is reason why Yosemite is called Yosemite

    Chris RaymundoChris Raymundo7 дней назад
  • This album is so goooooooodd AJUZIFD😫😩💞

    Lil TozierLil Tozier7 дней назад
  • The best song 💗💗💗

    Min PcastilloMin Pcastillo8 дней назад
  • Seasons may change but we won't change...

    David JuneDavid June9 дней назад
  • 🥺😭🧚‍♀️🛐💜

    Lana QueenLana Queen10 дней назад
  • This song, nay this album, is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Lana has me in her grips now and forever.

    In It To Spin ItIn It To Spin It10 дней назад
  • Dear lana there are many fans of yours in India. we love u ❤

    LamalienaLamaliena11 дней назад
  • never shows on spotify

    hcrhcr11 дней назад
  • The most beautiful song of Lana!!!!

    Natalia RissNatalia Riss12 дней назад
  • Breathe if this is the album’s best song

    hey therehey there12 дней назад
  • What a copy of Travis Scott’s Yosemite

    Nasra AbdiNasra Abdi13 дней назад
  • A los que no les gusto la canción o el álbum Neta chinguen a su madre, Lana Del Rey nos dio arte nuevamente 🥰

    Jonatan Xochitemol PérezJonatan Xochitemol Pérez15 дней назад
  • Lana hace arte,ella es arte ❤️✨

    sebbby boysebbby boy15 дней назад

    AnonymousAnonymous16 дней назад
  • i wonder how a song featuring 2pac and lana del rey would be like..

    U HhU Hh18 дней назад
    • hot

      eris haheris hah13 дней назад
  • i love

    Jabrea DunbarJabrea Dunbar20 дней назад
  • I remember watching how green was my valley...

    meliku05meliku0520 дней назад
  • Lana you make me feel like I'm invincible

    Ana Luiza QuirinoAna Luiza Quirino21 день назад
  • still loving this

    David JuneDavid June22 дня назад
  • God, I love Lana. No one makes me feel the way she does.

    angeladyan82angeladyan8224 дня назад
  • this is the kind of voice I need to wake up to every morning

    Lolen DudenLolen Duden26 дней назад
  • Mariners apartment complex: I ain't no candle in the wind Yosemite: No more candle in the wind

    nickmussicc12nickmussicc1226 дней назад
  • Perfeita viu?

    LucasLucas27 дней назад
  • The bright rutabaga spectacularly battle because character controversly talk against a quack breath. soft, curly journey

    Ryan HoweRyan Howe27 дней назад
  • This is so warm, so myteryous... This song feels like, Lana knows what she trough with her partner, and this an ode. This is so hauntingly mysteryous.

    Christian SarracínChristian Sarracín29 дней назад
  • Her Jewel influence really comes through on this one

    moonstonemoonstoneМесяц назад
    • ?

      eris haheris hah13 дней назад
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    gizem bozyiğitgizem bozyiğitМесяц назад
  • My favorite from this album

    valvalМесяц назад
  • i´m so fuckin´in love with this songgggg

    Sebastián CruzSebastián CruzМесяц назад
  • im crying

    SelinSelinМесяц назад
  • this song makes me think of hunger games's ending. like idk i just can picture it playing at the ending of the last movie easily. or even at the book. for me it really fits it lol maybe im crazy

    joaojoaoМесяц назад
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    David JuneDavid JuneМесяц назад
  • Initially my favorite song on the album was Dark But Just A Game, but now I think it's Yosemite.

    Cindy OCindy OМесяц назад
  • This song is so beautiful 😭

    Aleena KhanAleena KhanМесяц назад
  • 💔

    Maha Alaoui SosséMaha Alaoui SosséМесяц назад
  • This feels like Audrey Horne's anthem

    GinaGinaМесяц назад
    • Twin Peaks ❤

      Alexandre BarbosaAlexandre Barbosa11 часов назад
  • goosebumps everywhere

    Luna WhiteLuna WhiteМесяц назад
  • Guitar riff and voice is on point. Oh my fuckin god....

    B.EntranceperiumB.EntranceperiumМесяц назад
  • this album is perfect and precious ✨✨✨

    Anajú SunshineAnajú SunshineМесяц назад
  • Uma obra de arte

    Alexandro FigueiredoAlexandro FigueiredoМесяц назад
  • I'm down for this one ♡

    Z.M TagaullyZ.M TagaullyМесяц назад
  • I‘ll do it for the right reasons ❤️

    🕊🕊Месяц назад
  • Still love this song as a new may 2021? Kindly let me know by raising your thumbs up.🤞 It doesn't matter the time when you listen to it, because these songs is always good ❤️❤️❤️

    Apple Music ChannelApple Music ChannelМесяц назад
  • O love it

    Marcelo EikeMarcelo EikeМесяц назад
  • can't get enough of this song omg

    Geovana EduardoGeovana EduardoМесяц назад
  • Greaaaat

    Vinicius NunesVinicius NunesМесяц назад
  • This song makes me feel invincible and serene.

    Honey PatelHoney PatelМесяц назад
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    David JuneDavid JuneМесяц назад
  • I don't know but this one gives me ultraviolence vibes!

    brody dallebrody dalleМесяц назад
  • wait this isn't the Fortnite guy

    WaffpackWaffpackМесяц назад
  • Esta canción me hace llorar inexplicablemente 😢

    Agustina MansurAgustina MansurМесяц назад
  • I Feel that lana del Rey should have More fame 🖤

    lollolМесяц назад
  • Magic.

    Motorbreath RomaMotorbreath RomaМесяц назад
  • I thought it was a weird album very different but omg I’m in love

    Maria veronica GarabeteMaria veronica GarabeteМесяц назад
  • My second contemporary dance music. She is the Queen with a beautiful angelic voice. 👑👑💜💜

    Sebestyén SimonfalviSebestyén SimonfalviМесяц назад
  • And so this masterpiece was supposed to be a happy song? I mean…I’m still crying…😵‍💫 Gives me the darkest vibes

    Ste4791Ste4791Месяц назад
  • Música pra morrer escutando

    Luiz HoerLuiz HoerМесяц назад
  • Ela não erra nunca ❤❤

    Douglas 222Douglas 222Месяц назад
  • Perfeitaaaa! Lana nunca decepciona❤️

    Luis SantiagoLuis SantiagoМесяц назад
  • you just need to watch valley uprising

    Ilona ManoleIlona ManoleМесяц назад
  • This becomes the saddest song ever when you break up with the person you had in mind while listening to this song and felt like the luckiest person on the world because you experienced this type of relationship and thought it's gonna last forever ://

    Dominik HladkýDominik HladkýМесяц назад
  • oui ma fille à bon gout ça je le sait , Lilia Zarradd ,mais moi cela ne me plait pas du tout ,pourtant j'aime bien Lana Del Rey et j'ai chez moi de ces albums , ce n'est pas ma chanson préferait

    Marie Thérèse GauthierMarie Thérèse GauthierМесяц назад
  • this song is really my top 1 in the album those toxic ruined it this have a chance to be top 1 because it's so good y'all have no taste the warmness from the beginning of the song to the verse WE DID IT FOR FUN WE DID IT FOR FREE is so good and meaningful the bridge breaks and instrumental is so good the part I REMEMBER WATCHING and the WE DID IT FOR FUN sync si perfectly this song is a MASTERPIECE

  • this song reminds me of the movie Brokeback Mountain

    RiddhiRiddhiМесяц назад
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    David JuneDavid JuneМесяц назад
  • If you stan Lana and you have a sense of humor look up “Lana del Rey: the dark and twisted meaning behind her new album “lies over the country club” and thank me later

    William ParkerWilliam ParkerМесяц назад
  • It's a happy song in a way that it makes the listeners sad to listen to it. Beautiful

    Wali MasudWali MasudМесяц назад
    • Its nostalgic

      Lilia ZarraddLilia ZarraddМесяц назад
  • NFR! was like her new chapter as a singer/songwirter. COCC is the sequel and Yosemite is a flashback to LFL, when her music was more naïve and careless, as way to reflect she's always been a songwriting powerhouse.

    MatthewCarterMatthewCarterМесяц назад
  • Rick Nowels' latest touch 😭

    GregorGregorМесяц назад
    • he'll be back 🙏🏼

      Geovana EduardoGeovana EduardoМесяц назад
  • 💙

    cynthia tfcynthia tfМесяц назад
  • My fav track from the new album . Lana's voice is so soulful and beautiful. My second fav track of 2021 so far after "America" by London Grammar

    Keith BateKeith BateМесяц назад
  • If you stan Lana and you have a sense of humor look up “Lana del Rey: the dark and twisted meaning behind her new album “lies over the country club” and thank me later

    Layman WellnessLayman WellnessМесяц назад
  • Lana needs to keep collaborating with Rick Nowels. He's given her some of her best songs throughout her career and will continue to give her if she keeps going back to him!

    Moody MeMoody MeМесяц назад
    • when they are together magic happens ❤

      Geovana EduardoGeovana EduardoМесяц назад
  • Bring back Rick! Please! We miss him so MUCH

    Matt ReyMatt ReyМесяц назад
    • we really do 😔

      Geovana EduardoGeovana EduardoМесяц назад
  • My husband and I have been together for 31 years since we were 15 and 16...we have been through hell society's standards shouldn't even still be together...once we were homeless and lived in the mountains without running water or electricity for 4 yrs...we found our strength and our oneness we are overcoming addiction together while building our little dream house. We are in our late 40s and time has flown...we still feel 15 and 16. We may only have another 30 years left together and by God we are going to live them. This song makes me think of how lucky I am to have the one person in my life for all eternity.

    Moon PiMoon PiМесяц назад
    • Yes❤️

      giovana carvalhogiovana carvalhoДень назад
    • This is so beautiful. I’m truly happy for you❤️ Stay soft, stay strong

      giovana carvalhogiovana carvalhoДень назад
    • Ahh, this comment made my cry from happiness. I feel you completely, cause I share the same story. Glad there are people like this out there, wish you all the best things in the world!

      JußelJußel2 дня назад
    • This so g makes me feel lucky rn too

      nicole sinclairnicole sinclair4 дня назад
    • “I’ve never taken drugs, smoke or drink, but this sounds lucky to be in love”. “When I just dumped a friend who is a pretender”. 🎈 Instagram ARTISANAL ARTISTIC ARTIST

  • You can literally hear how she wrote this for Lust For Life 😍 so good

    MitchelGrinnMitchelGrinnМесяц назад
  • The way she sings "Was iT Because of The caBin, The de canDles in The winD...?"

    guiabel7guiabel7Месяц назад

    Daniel GarciaDaniel GarciaМесяц назад
  • Quanto mais ouço essa canção, mais apaixonada por ela fico!!!!

    Roberta LimaRoberta LimaМесяц назад
  • Lindo demais!

    marcos dagostinmarcos dagostinМесяц назад
  • Can someone please explain why the song is named Yosemite? Right, logical answers only, pretty please.

    Moody MeMoody MeМесяц назад
  • This song is 5 minutes long but feels like 2, well that’s art

    Arman OhanianArman OhanianМесяц назад
  • She doesn't make Art...... She is the Art 😌

    Sneha GoldarSneha GoldarМесяц назад
  • This music made me watch "How Green was my valley"😭

    V WhoV WhoМесяц назад
    • is it good?? I want to watch it now lol

      Geovana EduardoGeovana EduardoМесяц назад
    • samw, i enjoyed the movie

      David JuneDavid JuneМесяц назад
  • 💙

    cynthia tfcynthia tfМесяц назад
  • the vibe in this song is unmatched

    hey therehey thereМесяц назад
  • My Fave Lana Song

    Ralph John Emerson MolinoRalph John Emerson MolinoМесяц назад
  • David JuneDavid JuneМесяц назад
  • omfg

    Caroline RodriguesCaroline RodriguesМесяц назад
  • Che meraviglia!! L'intensità della voce calda... sensuale e dolce ...❤🔥💗

    WalterWalterМесяц назад
  • but we wont change

    nergisnergisМесяц назад
  • I remember watching, How Green Was My Valley Then I was thinking, "How deep was the canyon that you came from?" Television static was quite overwhelming Was it because of the cabin, the candles in the wind? This is my favourite part of any song that has ever existed. 'til eternity. Her voice just nailed it.

    Rahul SivagnanamRahul SivagnanamМесяц назад
  • My larry is gone and now I'm gone and dead. This song is dedicated to myself.🖤

    Akane SasuAkane SasuМесяц назад
  • Is this about non-monogamy?

    Eduardo LourençoEduardo LourençoМесяц назад
  • I just cant

    Painau ChocolatePainau ChocolateМесяц назад