Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Official Music Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Official Music Video)
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Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Lyrics)

I come from a small town, how 'bout you?
I only mention it 'cause I'm ready to leave LA
And I want you to come
Eighty miles north or south will do
I don't care where as long as you're with me
And I'm with you and you let me

Let me love you like a woman
Let me hold you like a baby
Let me shine like a diamond
Let me be who I'm meant to be
Talk to me in poems and songs
Don't make me be bittersweet
Let me love you like a woman
Let me hold you like a baby
Let me hold you like a baby

I come from a small town far away
I only mention it 'cause I'm ready to leave LA
And I want you to come (And I need you to come)
I guess I could manage if you stay
It's just if you do, I can't see myself having any fun, so

Let me love you like a woman
Let me hold you like a baby
Let me shine like a diamond
Let me be who I'm meant to be
Talk to me in songs and poems
Don't make me be bittersweet
Let me love you like a woman

Take you to infinity
Let me love you like a woman (Let me hold you like a baby)
Take you to infinity
Let me love you like a woman (Let me hold you like a baby)
Take you to infinity

We could get lost in the purple rain
Talk about the good ol' days
We could get high on some pink champagne
Baby, let me count the ways

Let me love you like a woman
Let me hold you like a baby
Let me shine like a diamond
Let me be who I'm meant to be
Talk to me in songs and poems
Don't make me be bittersweet
Let me love you like a woman

Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Audio). A Polydor Records Release / An Interscope Records Release in the USA; © 2020 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited




  • #A #LYRICS

    Ms AAaMs AAaЧас назад
  • Happy birthday living legend 🎁🎉💖

    maring mgmaring mg2 дня назад
  • June 21 today. It's Lana's birthday!

    T-bombT-bomb2 дня назад
  • she needs to loose weight

    Jay DeeJay Dee4 дня назад
  • Love it queen

    Humberto ToroHumberto Toro4 дня назад
  • lananın en sevdiğim ilk 5 şarkısı arasında

    Yürüyen Uçak İmparatoriçesiYürüyen Uçak İmparatoriçesi5 дней назад
  • Music/Lyrics: 6.5 Video: 7

    Lockdown SucksLockdown Sucks5 дней назад
  • Purplerain 💜

    Applebee’sApplebee’s5 дней назад
  • HelamHelam6 дней назад
  • Me come?

    ch3rrych3rry6 дней назад
  • I'll bet my life, she wants a good man, a baby, a family. She makes money cause her fans are strong. Get a life yourselves!

    Kenny HallKenny Hall7 дней назад
  • It is sad to see people not supporting her, I mean how come this beautiful video/song only has 6M views? Gosh.

    Ariel LozadaAriel Lozada7 дней назад
  • 💐🤍

    Paola EsqueaPaola Esquea7 дней назад
  • We love life aand came here to LIVE... yeah !!! This is a beautiful song, I love this so much it makes me high.

    Jayne DoughJayne Dough7 дней назад
  • We fuckin love life, we came here to fuckin live 💯✌

    meow444meow44410 дней назад
  • I can proudly say she's my favorite artist forever 😭❤️

    Sionla Sherpa 20SA1301Sionla Sherpa 20SA130110 дней назад
  • I connect with this song deeply. I’ve been a fan for awhile now. Your amazing and wish you nothing but the very best. GOD Bless and Lots of Love 💕

    TXGirlTXGirl10 дней назад
  • Essa música toca a gente de um jeito...

    Havana OliveiraHavana Oliveira11 дней назад
  • alright then, you have my permission

    Radim MRadim M12 дней назад
  • I didn't like this song at first, but listening to it eight months later, I'm in love with it.

    Jennifer L.Jennifer L.13 дней назад
  • I blurt these lyrics out randomly .... And I work with all men . Really need to work on controlling my inner monologue.

    Kevin Lewis JrKevin Lewis Jr14 дней назад
  • REAL

    Queen LarissaQueen Larissa14 дней назад
  • I love the sound of the 1:10 idk, my skin bristles

    Gretta Adaly Fdz SantillánGretta Adaly Fdz Santillán15 дней назад
  • Lana making a music video: literally put every video she had ever recorded by her iphone in and i love it ;)

    Qinwen CheokQinwen Cheok15 дней назад
  • Living in America, being Lana Del Ray:)) the most pretty story in the world.

    Ivy BlightIvy Blight15 дней назад
  • I wanna be kissed to this song

    Amelie AbrahamAmelie Abraham18 дней назад
  • The quality of this song is superior, Lana's talent can never be surpassed. Her poetry is very powerful, like an atomic bomb and the magic radiation in our hearts never goes away

    Guillermina SaldivarGuillermina Saldivar18 дней назад
  • 💕💕

    Shahin AhmedShahin Ahmed21 день назад
  • Does anyone know how she edits her videos or if it’s an app?

    Winter angelWinter angel22 дня назад
  • Hope LDR finally woke up from the L.A. BS .................

    Andrew WeaverAndrew Weaver22 дня назад
  • Beautiful music 🎶!!!

    О голубях и не толькоО голубях и не только22 дня назад
  • It;’s the subtle boob grab for me

    Bored BussyBored Bussy22 дня назад
  • Mom

    Jeremiasz MartzJeremiasz Martz23 дня назад
  • Diganle a Eduardo cuando se vaya dejara un gran vacío que incondicionalmente esta llenando cada... Que me hace sentir muy bien y que no podría imaginarme llegar a perderlo de nuevo...

    Katherine AguileraKatherine Aguilera24 дня назад
  • 4 my Kathy 🖤

    Francisco RamosFrancisco Ramos24 дня назад
    • Creo que si no quiero perderte... No se como vas a hacer...

      Katherine AguileraKatherine Aguilera24 дня назад
  • She is a doll .. And this song is super awesome

    Detroit DavidDetroit David24 дня назад
  • this is my favourite lana´s music video.❤

    irene mrirene mr26 дней назад
  • All women need this energy.

    Josh KloepferJosh Kloepfer29 дней назад
  • Deixa eu te amar como um homem eu nunca pedi nada

    Samuel LimaSamuel LimaМесяц назад
  • She's I C O N I C

    Kevin AlexanderKevin AlexanderМесяц назад

    Rob LRob LМесяц назад
  • Omg

    Jolius PeronaJolius PeronaМесяц назад
  • 'Take you to infinity' ❤

    Ryan AttreeRyan AttreeМесяц назад
  • When Adele releases a plain reverbating piano melody, it becomes a canon. Lana Del Rey does the same and everyone- not just toxic fans but so-called legit pages like CoS declare it “lazy”. There are multiple double standards against her and whoever denies that is either dumb or blind.

    Achutam JhaAchutam JhaМесяц назад
  • 💛

    Mickia MajorMickia MajorМесяц назад
  • This give me mariner apartment complex vibe

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  • Love it.

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    Marcus G Wise Owner International World Fine ArtsMarcus G Wise Owner International World Fine ArtsМесяц назад
  • Jacek potrzebuje Cie 🐻🐸

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  • I love her! She’s so special🥺just to listen her voice I feel happy🇧🇷

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  • 6

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  • данунахуй

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  • Looking like a young Stevie Nicks without the make up.

    alpha javaalpha javaМесяц назад
  • I Love you Lana

    Gingerlicious VibesGingerlicious VibesМесяц назад
  • Best song of the album, but didn't floor me as much as previous album's bests. I don't think anything will ever top "In My Feelings" though.

    EwokPandaEwokPandaМесяц назад
  • Лана не старей...

    Mark_ll_ JZX_91Mark_ll_ JZX_91Месяц назад
  • I’m crying

    Lana.bby -Lana.bby -Месяц назад
  • Lana is officially better than the Beatles!

    Terry HobbsTerry HobbsМесяц назад
  • my crush sent me this song and asked for it to be our anthem :)

    corentime_corentime_Месяц назад

    Lukas BudziakLukas BudziakМесяц назад
    • Only open if you need it

      Lukas BudziakLukas BudziakМесяц назад
  • i adore you Lana, always and forever

    Anna Chavez-AriasAnna Chavez-AriasМесяц назад
  • please lana stop botox we love you like a woman

    Felipe MacedoFelipe MacedoМесяц назад
  • I'm sorry but the fact that a 19 year old won a Grammy over this QUEEN is ridiculous At the Grammy's Billie Eilish won the Grammy award over Lana and lana even cried

    •Offically Amy••Offically Amy•Месяц назад

    •Offically Amy••Offically Amy•Месяц назад
  • At first I was a Lana Stan Now I'm a Lana simp :')

    •Offically Amy••Offically Amy•Месяц назад
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  • Lyrics: Let me oppress you like a white women Let me explain you why I’m the victim

    Andrés AlegreAndrés AlegreМесяц назад
    • Cry more 😘

      we can escape to the great sunshinewe can escape to the great sunshineМесяц назад
    • No.

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  • She invented nostalgia.

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  • I don't ever want her to grow old......😢♥️

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  • 1:19 Stay high😂

    plusultraviolenceplusultraviolenceМесяц назад
  • Not a low budget! Gas 50$, Steering wheel cover $14.99, one eyelash 12$, charging her phone to film 300$.

    AntrogueAntrogueМесяц назад
  • É incrível como eu amo qualquer música da Lana!

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  • this is random but does anyone think that jules leblanc looks like her a bit

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  • Our Venus has returned and she's beautiful as ever. 💜

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  • Still obsessed with this song

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  • She makes me want to run away with her.

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  • I am slowly falling in love with lana this week. She's so unusual.

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  • Does anyone else cry in this song? It’s too beautiful

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  • Sounds like a church hymn.

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  • Shot with Joan Baez is epic...

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  • Sean in the ending unexpected but still cute

    Dassha.Dassha.2 месяца назад
  • not want/need you to come 🥺💔

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  • ..super fckn natuRAl!..

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  • She gives me chills wants me to time travel when times were simpler....❤

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  • I’m in love with Lana

    Nikos PouletsosNikos Pouletsos2 месяца назад
  • flow of this one even a bit of the video reminds me of chris isaak ..

    white freemanwhite freeman2 месяца назад
  • This song gives me the feels!

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  • Best song that will sound in my heart forever

    Never_let_you_GONever_let_you_GO2 месяца назад
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  • на русском не видел отзывов.Соло исполняет на максимум просто, респект I like YOY

    Aleksandr Co.Aleksandr Co.2 месяца назад
  • Sad twerking 👁💧👄💧👁

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  • Her voice brings me peace 🙏

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  • Had so much anxiety today but this calmed me down. Thank you Lana

    Jozy PrabhuJozy Prabhu2 месяца назад
  • Crying in seconds 💜whatanangel

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