Lana Del Rey - White Dress (Official Music Video)

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Lana Del Rey - White Dress (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing White Dress. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited




  • i love how she talk about Lizzy with nostalgia

    AngelAngel5 минут назад
  • She be singing in lower case

    Lilistar10Lilistar10Час назад
  • Day 93 ⛸️❣️💕 doing you know what 😜✌️... Today this was the first song I heard in the morning while driving to my job, and my brother told me that "White dress" was a peculiar name for the song, that she should have called it "Waitress"... Then i remembered that Lana first mentioned the song in an interview for the September 2020 issue of 'Interview Magazine' , calling it "White Dress/Waitress.".... So, he was not completely lost, tomorrow I'm gonna make him listen to COTCC first, and then ask him to research about the theories around chemtrails😈 a fun fact, my brother favorite groups are of hard and symphonic metal.... I'm gonna make him a Lana stan😈

    cool skyangelcool skyangel2 часа назад
    • Here's the link of the interview, just in case u want to take a look

      cool skyangelcool skyangel2 часа назад
  • Wish people would stay away from plastic surgery. It's rarely an improvement.

    darrelliddarrellid2 часа назад
  • 3:32 my favorite part

    David JuneDavid June7 часов назад
  • i'm in love with this song. 😍

    David JuneDavid June7 часов назад
  • Wander y she had a cast on in part of the song

    Mikayla SlawsonMikayla Slawson10 часов назад
  • She's so uniquely gifted in every aspect of her videos every one of them tells a story so beautiful and so sweet sounding love her more and more every time I listen to her stay blessed beautiful sweetness😍😍😘😘🐩🐩💎💎👠👠👑💥👙💞💞💗💗💖💖💋💋💕💕.

    Andrew j wheeler jrAndrew j wheeler jr11 часов назад
  • Am I the only one annoyed by the extremely high pitched parts when her voice kinda breaks? 😂

    Omar MalaebOmar Malaeb14 часов назад
  • 3 times that I listen to this and know all the lyrics and singing with her ♥️😭

    MJTat PrauberMJTat Prauber20 часов назад
  • Wow! Absolutely beautiful

    Gina RomoGina Romo23 часа назад
  • Day 92😌❤️ This song continues to be an ode to the remembrance of my days of melancholy, courage, sometimes of loss, but others of victories. The roads are long and sumptuous, but in the end we always find something that gives us the battery to continue. I wish I could explain how much I admire LDR and how her music has helped me grow. I hope the others listening to her music can have the same connection as I do, and enjoy it as I do. Thank you LDR❤️

    cool skyangelcool skyangelДень назад
    • I'm still loving this as well, it's one of my favorites songs from Lana 😌❤

      David JuneDavid June7 часов назад
  • Her voice keeps me coming back 🇵🇹

    Diogo F.Diogo F.День назад
  • i'm crying!

    Ali HmidoushAli HmidoushДень назад
  • Me and Anna would like to visit an American village

    Alin Vasile MoisaAlin Vasile MoisaДень назад
  • Is that crackling sound a vape?

    Seraphina PhoenixSeraphina PhoenixДень назад
  • 3:45

    David JuneDavid JuneДень назад
  • still loving this, I LOVE YOU LANA 😍❤

    David JuneDavid JuneДень назад
  • This might be one of her saddest song ever..

    LaQueen DumbGamerLaQueen DumbGamerДень назад
  • *Day 91 ⛸️💕, *June 21, Happy birthday 🎉 🎂

    cool skyangelcool skyangel2 дня назад
  • *long live the queen! happy birthday, angel*

    sue sidalsue sidal2 дня назад

    mei ْmei ْ2 дня назад
  • Underrated masterpiece ⭐

    maring mgmaring mg2 дня назад
  • Perfect

    Kokot KOKOTOVIČKokot KOKOTOVIČ2 дня назад
  • Happy Birthday my Queen

    Norman RockwellNorman Rockwell2 дня назад

    Stephanie ARStephanie AR2 дня назад
  • Happy birthday queen

    Priya RayamajhiPriya Rayamajhi2 дня назад
  • Happy birthday Lana, hope to have many likes on a day like this... And day of summer solstice for me.....

    Siddarth KariholooSiddarth Kariholoo2 дня назад
  • Happy Birthday

    Александр ТорАлександр Тор2 дня назад
  • Beautiful song ❤️

    WRLD RecordsWRLD Records2 дня назад
  • Those stupid masks aged like milk.

    2 Monkeys2 Monkeys2 дня назад
  • Queen

    Hector GilHector Gil2 дня назад
  • *Day 90😌 listening to White Dress ⛸️💕, June 20 *Tomorrow is Lana's birthday 🎂

    cool skyangelcool skyangel3 дня назад
  • I do not love quiet songs but when Lana 😫🤚🏻

    MOMOMOMO3 дня назад
  • Real poetry

    Ayten DemirovaAyten Demirova3 дня назад
  • Lana is haunting, she exerts an exquisitive magnetism 🇵🇹

    Diogo F.Diogo F.3 дня назад
  • Kings of Leon! ♥

    Amanda SouzaAmanda Souza3 дня назад
  • *Day 89 listening to White Dress ⛸️💕, June 19 *Two days to Lana's birthday 🎂 *14 days to RCS/BB💙🍭 ...guys please, now that Lana's birthday is getting closer remember that day go to her platforms and leave a kind message. Let's be realistic, she doesn't have an idea of who EACH of us is, but for sure she knows her real fans love her and appreciate the strength, the power, melancholy, and healing that each of her songs give to our lives❤️💙❤️... Let's show her a LOTS OF LOVE AND APPRECIATION that day ( and always) 😘🤙

    cool skyangelcool skyangel3 дня назад
  • Eu estou ouvindo essa música por que eu tô triste

    HINATA FF ⓋHINATA FF Ⓥ4 дня назад
  • A beautiful Human 💖💕

    Crazy SpannerCrazy Spanner4 дня назад
  • WOW !

    Migada MigadaMigada Migada4 дня назад
  • This song is a slow burn worth the wait

    Sarah kSarah k4 дня назад
  • YES

    syansyan4 дня назад
  • Haunted and haunting. I can't imagine hearing a better song this year

    Vaughn AbbottVaughn Abbott4 дня назад
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    David JuneDavid June4 дня назад
  • Love 😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

    VINNYVINNY4 дня назад
  • Me and ole Lana here have some striking similarities in this song in particular. It’s killing me.

    Who Am I ?Who Am I ?4 дня назад
  • *Day 88 (June 18) listening to White Dress ⛸️💕 I just found out this😳... "🎶Sun stare, don't care with my head in my hands thinking of a simpler time Like Sun Ra, feel small but I had it under control every time🎶" Sun Ra was an experimental jazz artist known for one of the largest discographies in music history with over 100 full-length albums, and about 1,000 songs. So, for Lana to say that she feels ‘small’ like Sun Ra may be quite ironic (but remember Lana has about 400 unrealased songs).But she is being humble😉❤️. Back then, she had everything under control. Her biggest responsibility back then was getting the orders right.⛸️🍟🍔 So the lyrics are definitely a hint of the chaos in her life right now as one of the biggest artists in the world. A very loved on, btw❤️😉

    cool skyangelcool skyangel4 дня назад
    • Fun fact: when she mentioned Sun Ra i thought it was a reference to the Egyptian God, because he's 'God of the sun' and bc she started the song with "Sun stare..." Ok, by e, enjoy it😆✌️

      cool skyangelcool skyangel4 дня назад
  • Why is all her stuff just perfect, and everyone else’s is just there?

    Anglwscbdwng 78Anglwscbdwng 785 дней назад
  • Omg this is so beautiful Lana 2nd day: I cant stop listening to this song Lana 💪🏽💓💓💓

    sayuni dinsayuni din5 дней назад
  • Underrated :l

    oopsiesoopsies5 дней назад
  • 3:50

    peachydelreypeachydelrey5 дней назад
  • When I first heard this song, I didn't care for it. Now, I love it!

    C. HumC. Hum5 дней назад
  • Music/lyrics: 7 Video: 7.5

    Lockdown SucksLockdown Sucks5 дней назад
    • 10/10

      cool skyangelcool skyangel4 дня назад
    • 10/10

      plusultraviolenceplusultraviolence5 дней назад
  • Poco a poco este tema se volvio de mis favoritos, en la forma en la que la canta, no hace sino que enamorarme de Lana cada vez mas. wow Reina.

    Themotee ChalamtThemotee Chalamt5 дней назад
  • Before she was famous, she was a waitress wearing a tight dress at the Men in Music business conference where she felt seen and got this. Is this the same way actresses got discovered by Harvey Weinstein before they started screaming #MeToo? I'm waiting until the moment she jumps on the wagon and starts accusing people...

    John Mark DouganJohn Mark Dougan5 дней назад
  • Can you imagine a world without music? How would you feel about it? What would you miss the most? Te imaginas un mundo sin música? Como te sentirias? Que seria lo que mas extrañarias?

    FafáFafá5 дней назад
  • Thanks to all musicians for making life better! I know from my own experience that life can get tough, but if you listen to good songs you can get through it and keep going. Made some playlists for many moments in life. Come listen to them and leave me your opinion. I'm getting started. Than

    FafáFafá5 дней назад
  • Beautiful.

    Suzanne WilliamsSuzanne Williams5 дней назад
  • Day 87, June 17, listening to White Dress⛸️❤️, and I can't take the 'downAtTheMenInMusicBuisnessConference' out of my mind, and when I think about it it makes me 😁... So today I'm gonna share the poem 'happy' she shared this illustrated video in her IG, the long time fans surely watched in the moment she shared it, and in case u r a new fan, here you have the link, 😌🤙... Good night and HAPPY dreams ❤️

    cool skyangelcool skyangel6 дней назад
  • Listen to cloe black ,she is kind lanas music!

    Joseluis MartinezJoseluis Martinez6 дней назад
    • Ahhhhh she is amazing!!!! I love her too!!!!❤️ All her songs ALL OF THEM are great!!

      cool skyangelcool skyangel6 дней назад
  • *Day 86 (June 16) listening to White Dress ⛸️💕 *5 days till Lana's birthday 🎉 *18 days till RCS🍬🍭/BB💙 And today it's Lana's father birthday 🎂🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!!❤️ She posted it on twt

    cool skyangelcool skyangel7 дней назад
    • @David June IKR!!!! I'm gonna have to celebrate 🥂😅

      cool skyangelcool skyangel7 дней назад
    • almost 100 days 🥰❤

      David JuneDavid June7 дней назад
  • I'm not crying you're crying.

    TimTimSalabimTimTimSalabim7 дней назад
  • Strong power full legs it seems leave it god knows what's in mind

    Niraj PrasadNiraj Prasad7 дней назад
  • Today is my birthday, another year listening your art! Thank you Lana! ❤

    David JuneDavid June7 дней назад
    • @cool skyangel Ikr? 🥰 Thank you!!! ❤

      David JuneDavid June7 дней назад
    • OMG! Today it's also Lana's father's birthday 🎂🎉 CONGRATULATIONS!!!❤️

      cool skyangelcool skyangel7 дней назад
  • I so much love Lana,but she's became too fat...

    Tanya BTanya B7 дней назад
  • art

    diamantes icesdiamantes ices7 дней назад
  • love this

    diamantes icesdiamantes ices7 дней назад
  • So beautiful

    Jalex SevaJalex Seva7 дней назад
  • off Lana I love you sm

    Mark TunaMark Tuna7 дней назад
  • Make me feel like god

    Anderson BigeliAnderson Bigeli8 дней назад
  • *Day 85 (June 15) listening to White Dress ⛸️💕 *6 days till Lana's birthday 🎉 *19 days till RCS🍬🍭/BB💙 And remember I mentioned the tree at the beginning of the video, min 0:01😳... The TREE!!!!🌳🌲🌳 Well, it also appears in the back cover of a U2 album with the same name of the park 'Joshua Tree.. These are iconic bc they have been at the Mojave Desert for some 2.5 million years 🤯 Here are some pics about U2 photoshoot... I hope we can some day get the ones from White Dress

    cool skyangelcool skyangel8 дней назад
  • 🌟LDR🌟

    In It To Spin ItIn It To Spin It8 дней назад
  • Vocals are awful. Why sing at such high notes if you have no voice?

    Ivan SIvan S8 дней назад
    • Really? Man i just think it is beautiful and super cute 🥺💖

      AmeliaAmelia7 дней назад
    • She did it to purpouse for the fragility that she had when she was 19.

      David JuneDavid June8 дней назад
  • inalcanzable al igual que Freddie por su voz y forma de cantar fue insuperable Lana por su estilo y rollo inalcanzable para los mortales GRACIAS Lana

    Mrakra R.Mrakra R.8 дней назад
  • Sun lights quite close then you got.key from hollywood

    Niraj PrasadNiraj Prasad8 дней назад
  • Scene

    Niraj PrasadNiraj Prasad8 дней назад
  • Killing.self thats herll like him the.departednone

    Niraj PrasadNiraj Prasad8 дней назад
  • White isngood

    Niraj PrasadNiraj Prasad8 дней назад
  • I wish she didnt get plastic surgery. it's a shame someone that pretty felt the need to do that :(

    Billy CummingtonBilly Cummington9 дней назад
  • Day 84 listening to White Dress ⛸️❤️ Yesterday UV turned 7yo, BTD next year is 10, and lyrics suggesting taboo relations (Lolita complex) or physical abuse ('he hit me & it felt like a kiss') are literally references to 20th century American culture (remember she graduated at Fordham University in metaphysics and phylosophy, so she know what she's singing and talking about). She makes reference to Nabokov's Lolita novel and the Crystals and Spector's work... The lyrics in Off the races, "Light of my life, fire of my loins..." its just the beginning of Nabokov's novel, then it continues with "My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta". But some ppl don't even read😒...and The Crystals (RnB group) have a song named "He Hit Me It Felt Like a Kiss" from 1962, then rerecorded by Phill Spector, “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)” represents the dark flip side of that feeling and the ugliness that Spector was uniquely capable of turning into something hauntingly listenable. And a weird fact, Spector was suspect of killing Lana Clarkson in 2003 (coincidence 🤨) ....her mind, she's a genius

    cool skyangelcool skyangel9 дней назад
  • I am literally in tears, this video is just so beautiful and peaceful, the song is also stunningly beautiful. Thanks Lana ♥️

    Jesus Rafael Padron D’LeonJesus Rafael Padron D’Leon9 дней назад
  • There’s a dash of Janis Joplin here and there....

    Chiquitte de MargoulesChiquitte de Margoules9 дней назад
  • Lana edea kullanıyor sanki. Zevkli kadın. Edea iyidir 🥰😌

    FatmaFatma9 дней назад
  • Love you lana like i love the life

    Emerson MacielEmerson Maciel9 дней назад
  • 3:14, lol, nigga.

    Дмитрий СеляновичДмитрий Селянович9 дней назад
  • How are people not appreciating the vocals on this! It's so different and angelic 😭❤️

    Chelei SoloChelei Solo9 дней назад
  • 31

    Ananas tropikalgilAnanas tropikalgil9 дней назад
  • very kate bush

    rusty foxrusty fox10 дней назад
  • *Day 83 (June 13) listening to White Dress ⛸️💕 *8 days till Lana's birthday 🎉 *21 days till RCS🍬🍭/BB💙 And... Happy 7TH birthday ULTRAVIOLENCE 😌🤙 🎉🎊

    cool skyangelcool skyangel10 дней назад
    • @David June OMG thanks for your words ❤️... Lana's music is the rapture we all need from this sick world. Im glad you enjoy this song as much as I do, and I will support Lana as much as is in my hands and wish her and her well hearted followers the best😌🤙❤️x10000000000

      cool skyangelcool skyangel10 дней назад
    • I listen this song everyday while i see your new comments in the channel, I love you for supporting Lana ❤ ¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY ULTRAVIOLENCE! 🖤

      David JuneDavid June10 дней назад
  • Today I finished my IT studies.I was a waitress, wearing a tight dress, handling the heat.Just look how I got this. Thank you Lana for being with me.

    MyBeatrixxxMyBeatrixxx10 дней назад
    • Heeeyyy girlll. I'm happy for u. Congrats 💖

      AmeliaAmelia9 дней назад
    • Congrats ❤️

      Maria CoryesMaria Coryes9 дней назад
    • Congrattttsss 😌🤙🎊🎉

      cool skyangelcool skyangel10 дней назад
  • Her music is my therapy and she's one of a kind, there ain't no other Lana del rey I'm so fucking lucky to listen her songs 😭😭❤️❤️

    Sionla Sherpa 20SA1301Sionla Sherpa 20SA130110 дней назад
  • i wasn't a huge fan of white dress when chemtrails first came out but now i love it and it's one of my faves off the album

    JulietJuliet10 дней назад
  • 🌹

    Ирина АкинчинаИрина Акинчина10 дней назад
  • I love it

    Olga McivorOlga Mcivor10 дней назад
  • she is so beautiful.

    ts.ts.10 дней назад
  • *Day 82 (June 12) listening to White Dress ⛸️💕 *9 days till Lana's birthday 🎉 *22 days till RCS🍬🍭/BB💙 And... NME and Rolling Stones magazines have named COTCC as one of the BEST albums this 2021... And TIME magazine as 'Not all those who wander are lost' as one of the best songs

    cool skyangelcool skyangel11 дней назад
  • Ya abi şu gacı şarkı yapmasın içim parçalanıyo gece gece dinlediğimiz şeye bak

    MisahsranMisahsran11 дней назад
  • Lana nos dará dos álbumes en el mismo año,que gran artista.

    te amo jarras stiloste amo jarras stilos11 дней назад